Monday, October 19, 2009

Red lentil and brown rice soup

Ok, I just wanted to start with This is not my recipe. So you can check out the original before trying my version.

I will just list the changes I made to the soup and many thanks to cecilotta since she made it first and inspired me to try it, these are really her changes.

1) I use garlic instead of shallot, since thats what I had

2) I used paprika instead of the red pepper flakes

3) I Used Chicken broth instead of the vegetable, though I suspect the "potato peel broth" from "The Vegetarian Epicure book Two" By Anna Thomas would be great

4) I cooked them both a lot longer than she said to cook them and I didnt bother with the garnishes.

My kids all loved it and said wonderful things about it to the tune of the best food ever and all ate several bowls full.

We both served it with a salad. I served texas toast and Cecilotta served apple muffins.

Food Storage Adaption: I used bouillon, dried onions flakes and granulated garlic.

Economical Counter:
Onion $0.25
Garlic $0.12
Bouillon $0.15

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