Monday, January 10, 2011

American Institute of Cancer Research

I just receive an article written by the
American Institute of Cancer Research, entitled

Health on a Budget: Three Strategies for Money-Saving, Cancer-Fighting Meals

The article begins:
"Did you resolve to eat healthier in the new year? Or perhaps you just want to save money at the supermarket without sacrificing taste and health."

I love that, and the reason I mention it, is while they have three ideas which you can read about by clicking on the link, the first idea is this:

1. Diversify Your Dinner with Beans.

And that's right up our alley.

As a matter of fact, we put together a list of more than 20 healthy, and inexpensive, recipes for you from our archives here at Bean Basics

Lentil Barley Soup


Cabbage White Beans Soup

Black Bean Soup

Italian Wedding Soup

Stuffed Peppers or Squash

Pesto Soup

White Bean Pitas

Chickpea with Garlic and Zucchini

Texas Stuffed Tomatoes

Mixed Whole Grain Pilaf

Cuban Red Beans and Rice

The most simple Black Beans ever made

Creole Red Beans

Southwest Skillet Supper

Caramelized Quinoa and Black Beans

Dill Spaetzle

Israeli Couscous and Green Vegetables

Vegetable Soup Penna

Cabbage Salad

Asian Salad


Chickpea Masala with Green Rice

We hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful and healthy New Year

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