Monday, August 16, 2010

Classic Comfort Food

One of the things people often mention to us is that they're just not sure where to start when they want to introduce more beans and vegetarian options into their diets. It can be daunting - "vegetarian" sometimes conjures up the image of a nice steaming bowl of lentil mush and no one really enjoys coming home every night to something completely unfamiliar on the table. We love to experiment on the hapless victims, er, willing participants in our household but there are also many nights when we just want to put something delicious and the table and have the kids say "Mom, that was the best meal ever!"

So we present to you a new category: Classic Comfort Food. Here you'll find lots of our favorite beany takes on classic recipes. If you're just beginning to go meatless, or even if you're just looking for a good, simple meal, this is the place to look. Enjoy!

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